Running 22-26th March, our program offers:

  • Six panel debates covering TNE and Tech's impact on learning and recruitment
  • Four country spotlight panels offering the latest insight into national policy and operating outlook in India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Nigeria
  • Q&A huddles followed by roundtable discussions
  • Video networking throughout - pre-schedule meetings at times that suit you
  • AI-backed networking suggestions facilitated by our event platform
  • Expert global insight with panels curated by The PIE News team
  • Content run in two timezones - for UK, Europe and the Americas, and again for Asia-Pacific
  • All content available on demand for four weeks after the event

For a taste of what the event will be like, watch the highlights video from our October 2020 event. Here's a downloadable copy of our program so you can quickly see what we're running and when. If you prefer an online view, this is a handy summary.