Event platform help

To access the event platform, please check your inbox for your login details. Do check your junk mail if you can't see it in your inbox.

Here's the link to access the event platform: https://matchmaking.grip.events/thepielivetneandtech/event-login   

If you've bought a ticket and are having problems accessing the event platform, please email:

UK/Europe/USA/Africa: alan@thepienews.com 

Asia Pacific: damien@thepienews.com

For urgent help with logging on and ticket queries, please call Jane on +44 7734 939549

1. When you first login:

  • Complete all the onboarding questions in full, so our AI-powered platform can make the best contact and session recommendations for you
  • Link your profile to your LinkedIn account to upload your profile photo automatically, or add a photo yourself by clicking on ‘My Profile’
  • Edit your ‘Headline’ – this is how people will first see your profile on the platform, so we recommend adding your Job title, Organisation and Country here

2. Browse our sessions in the ‘Event Agenda’ and add the ones you want to attend to your schedule by clicking on the diary icon. A reminder that we are running our content in two time zones – one for UK/Europe/Americas, and again for Asia Pacific - so you can join the broadcast of each session that is most convenient for you.

3. Amend your availability. In ‘My profile’, click on ‘My availability’ and then block out the meeting slots when you don’t want to appear available for meetings. Please note: calendars are set for 24 hours by default to accommodate our global audience, so it’s essential that you block off the meetings times when you will be in sessions or asleep! When you add sessions to your schedules, your calendar will not be blocked off, so you need to do this manually once you have selected your sessions. All the sessions you have bookmarked and all your meetings will appear in My Schedule, but this is not synched automatically to your availability.

4. Recommended for You lists people to connect with that match your preferences. Click Interested if you’d like to connect with them and they can interest you back - which enables the chat functionality - or Skip if you’re not interested. You can also request a meeting with them. No one will see if you have skipped them - this is just for you. You can also access your ‘Skip list’ if you want to review these at any point.

5. Interested in You lists the people who want to connect with you. View their profile and then either choose to connect with them or skip.

6. Once you’ve made a connection with someone – which means you have clicked Interested and so have they - you can chat to them online using the chat box. A green dot in the chat box indicates that someone is online.

7. Check out our Sponsors and Exhibitors and their Products and Services. Click into their profile to see their full details, sponsor representatives, and either Message / Show interest / Request a meeting.

8. All your meetings will take place within the event platform. When a meeting is due to start, you’ll see a reminder on screen asking you to ‘Join the virtual meeting room’. Meetings can only be scheduled during the event 22-26th March, but you can start sending out meeting invitations now.

9. Pending meetings – you can send out 30 meeting requests at a time, so please review your Pending meetings balance regularly, and quickly accept or decline any meeting requests you receive.